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Run your Accounting Office Better with a Document Management System

Any accountant worth their salt knows the importance of finding any purchases return on investment. However, a surprising number of accounting firms have been reluctant to fully digitize their documents, or have forgone purchase of a document management system and attempted to enter all their data manually. To stay competitive in Baltimore as an accounting firm it’s vital to find a way to effectively manage your documents. Micro Record, LLC is here with a few reasons why a Document management system can benefit your Baltimore accounting firm.document management system

Paperless Savings

Going paperless is a big savings increase for any business but particularly for an accounting firm. There’s few other types of offices that frequently use as much paper, printer ink, or copying services. Adopting a document management system for your Baltimore accounting firm will not only eliminate printing costs, but can also reduce the necessity of copying by as much as 75%.

Recovering Office Space

Not only do document management systems free accounting firms from the cost of paper, but they also eliminate vast amounts of wasted space. Paper files, bulky printers, and photocopiers can take up a lot of room, require costly offsite storage, and even necessitate moving to a larger and more expensive facility. A document manage system can keep a smaller office space functional for an accounting firm for a longer period of time.

Document Retrieval

Valuable employee time is often wasted tracking down missing or errant files, shuffling through a confusing and often unorganized series of drawers, cabinets, and boxes. By moving to a paperless document management system you can be sure you’re paying your employees for their accounting expertise, not  laboriously searching for files.

Where Can I find One for My Baltimore Accounting Firm?

As an accounting firm service, you want to spend your time working for your clients, not searching for paperwork. We can help with that. ECMNOW! through DigiTech Systems allows you to search through, organize, and protect your important financial documents. If you want to learn more about DigiTech Systems and how we can help you to implement ECMNOW! in your accounting office, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, and YouTube as well!


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