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The Benefits of Microfilm Scanning for Your Maryland Business

microfilm scanningInvented by an Englishman named John Benjamin Dancer way back in 1839, microphotography (more commonly referred to as microfilm and microfiche) was used for decades as the primary method of document storage for newspapers, military secrets, and even computer code. However the age of microfilm has passed and the valuable information contained within it must be once-again secured for future generations. Micro Records is here with information on how your Maryland business can benefit from microfilm scanning services.


The obvious benefit of microfilm scanning is also one of its biggest: the preservation of information. Microfilm is flammable, delicate, and increases in fragility over time, rendering it a very unstable way of storing important information. By scanning and digitizing microfilm, you can be assured of having access to those important documents in perpetuity.


Microfilm scanning will also drastically improve the efficiency of your Maryland business. Digital information is infinitely more useful than physical film. A digitized document can be shared an infinite number of times and accessed by an infinite number of people simultaneously, ensuring that your Maryland business is operating at its full capacity.


A microfilm can be lost, stolen, or smuggled out of the office by a dishonest employee. By scanning microfilm into a digital document management system not only are you insured against any loss, but you can control exactly who has access to what information when, and from where. Microfilm scanning makes your Maryland business immeasurably more secure against accidents and theft.

Micro Records is Here With MicroFilm Scanning for You

At Micro Records, our microfilm scanning process guarantees the utmost safety with regards to handling your original film. We make sure everything is handled with maximum care and quality before, during and after the scanning process. The finished job is carefully packaged and sent back to you alongside your originals in pristine condition.

Micro Records Company supports all major File Formats. From one microfilm viewer or workstation to an entire microfilm production and access network, Micro Records can give you everything you need, backed by the best service in the industry.

If you’re interested in microfilm scanning or any other digital document services please give us a call at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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