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What You Want in a Document Shredding Company

What You Want in a Document Shredding Company

It’s crucial to choose a reliable document shredding company.

Identity theft is a concerning (and growing) problem in our modern digital world, with both individuals and businesses being impacted. With even a small or ostensibly “trivial” bit of private information, thieves can often wreak absolute havoc—potentially draining bank accounts, opening fraudulent credit cards, or worse. To combat the issue, document shredding has concordantly risen in prominence as an essential method for protecting sensitive information. However, it’s crucial to choose a reliable document shredding company to ensure long-term protection.

Read along below for vital specifics regarding which attributes actually make such a company worthy of the designation “reliable.”

Employee Training and Background Checks

A reliable document shredding company understands the critical nature of the documents they handle and must hire and train employees accordingly. Thorough training programs and background checks are essential for employees who are handling sensitive customer information. Trustworthy companies value their employees, and long-term staff reflect a commitment to identity protection.

On-Site Shredding

In the past, shredding companies required customers to bring their documents to the facility for shredding, leaving their paperwork vulnerable to theft. However, reputable shredding companies these days are fully mobile, i.e., come to their customers’ locations. All documents are destroyed on the spot, ensuring that sensitive information can’t be compromised through carelessness or incompetence somewhere along the chain—because there is no “chain.”

Insurance Coverage

An essential attribute of any trustworthy shredding company is adequate insurance coverage. General liability insurance is crucial for protecting both the shredding company and its clients against potential theft. While claims are exceedingly rare, having insurance nonetheless provides an extra layer of protection for the customer.

Transparent Pricing

Some document shredding companies advertise a low rate but later add hidden fees, significantly increasing the price. Trustworthy shredding companies provide clear and upfront pricing for their services, with additional charges for specific needs such as bulk shredding. Customers should have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the cost before hiring any outsourcing service, and professional shredding of course falls under this purview.

Closing Thoughts

Protecting sensitive information is critical in today’s world, and document shredding is an essential part of that protection. By taking the time to make an informed choice about choosing a trustworthy and reliable document shredding company, you can ensure the long-term safety of your sensitive information—and gain some peace of mind in the process.

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