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Why Paper Files Aren’t as Secure as Electronic Files

Why Paper Files Aren’t as Secure as Electronic Files

Here are reasons why paper files aren’t as secure as electronic ones.

Many industries across the globe have begun to adopt changes to how they manage their files. Even industries that change at slower paces, like the legal industry, are determining that paper files just don’t offer the same security as electronic documents, so if your facility is still relying mainly on paper documents, you might want to consider making the switch to a digital document management system. Here are reasons why paper files aren’t as secure as electronic ones.

Files Can Be Taken From Printers

Whenever documents are printed, they go to a printer that is often found in a central area of a work facility. This makes it easy for practically anyone in the facility to grab a printed paper and see the potentially sensitive information found on it. There may even be times when people aren’t sure if a file was printed, so they’ll print multiple copies by mistake, making it easier for files to fall into the wrong hands.

Sometimes, you only want certain people seeing the information found on files. By switching to electronic document storage, all files will be accessible only by staff members who have permission to see them.

Data Streams

There is a stream of information that is transferred from the maker of a file to the printer, and it’s this data stream that can be targeted by a hacker. There are cybercriminals who can steal data that’s sent over to printers, so it makes paper files more risky to create. Electronic files don’t have this risk because information never goes to printers in the first place.

Files Can Get Lost in Cabinets

While we’re always concerned that criminals will take our files, there will sometimes be situations in which people misplace their own documents. This happens when you have paper files that you need to put into filing cabinets. Files that get misplaced within these cabinets are incredibly difficult to uncover, meaning you’ll lose all sorts of important data for your facility. Electronic files make it easier to organize your documents so that you never misplace any important data your business has.

Have Questions? Micro Records is Here to Help

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