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5 Document Management Security Errors To Avoid

Learn about five document security errors your business should avoid.

Learn about five document security errors your business should avoid.

In an increasingly digital world, document management relies more on digital storage and security than ever. There are a number of benefits to document scanning, including efficiency, accessibility, and security. But unfortunately, there are some common mistakes in document management that can leave your business–and your files–unprotected. Avoid these 5 document management security errors in order to keep your business secure.

Not Converting Documents to Digital Formats

Forgetting to convert documents to digital formats can be easy to do. After all, files may wind up on your desk for weeks before you’re finally able to scan them. But when documents go unconverted, they are vulnerable to damage, loss, and theft. If a physical copy is the only document form you have, your documents are simply not secure. Keeping on top of document scanning, or using a document scanning company, can help you protect necessary information as well as cut down on clutter.

Not Backing Up Documents Regularly

Similarly, your documents should be backed up consistently. Backing up documents ensures that the files will be available in more than one location in case of technical issues that can result in loss or file corruption. Make sure your data is safe in case of a system crash, malfunction, or cybersecurity threat by regularly backing up your documents.

Not Having a Document Security Plan

Managing data security can be overwhelming. Without a standardized plan in place, it can be difficult to navigate a security breach or other technical issue. Make sure that your business is prepared to handle security threats and vulnerabilities in document management in order to minimize loss across the company.

Failing to Regularly Audit Security

A document management professional will be sure to audit your security regularly. This procedure is important because it will allow you to evaluate your security plan, as well as your document management strategies, so that you can adjust to better meet your company’s needs as business grows and changes. Regularly testing your security will help keep you from being blindsided by a cyber attack.

Not Controlling Access

It is crucial to the security of your business, documents, and customer information to control who can access company files. By having security measures in place that control remote access to documents, you can avoid cybersecurity threats that would otherwise compromise your document management.

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