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The Biggest Challenges With Document Management

Learn about the biggest challenges with document management.

Learn about the biggest challenges with document management.

Creating an effective document management system is a never-ending process, it takes time and training, but ultimately the reward far outweighs the trouble. That said, most companies face the same few problems when it comes to documenting management. Today we’ll go through a few of the most common issues.

No Consistency In File Storage

So you started in google drive, but ran out of space and moved to Dropbox, but Karen prefers her filing cabinets, and Cheryl is still storing all of her files on floppy disks? It’s more common than you’d think for companies to lose sight of their file storage. If you didn’t have a set plan for document management going in, didn’t follow through on training, or merged companies or departments the initial document management system can go out the window quickly. This can cause a variety of problems, including lost files that can be difficult and expensive to recover.

Increased Compliance Concerns

One of the biggest issues companies face in our evolving technology world is the constant increases in digital threats and the new regulations that come out of the new dangers. Not only can a security breach cost you customer money, but it may also cause you to incur severe fines.

Fear Of Change

No one likes change, that’s just common nature. But making changes is an essential part of increasing productivity and moving forward. Often naysayers will argue that you shouldn’t fix what’s already working. But, truth be told, usually what’s working could be working better, faster, and more efficiently if it’s updated.

Integrating Software and Applications

One of the most significant non-human hurdles to a well put together data management system is interface compatibility. Getting all of your systems to work and “talk” together is essential for overall effectiveness.

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