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Components Of A Records Management Program

Learn about the components of a records management program.

Learn about the components of a records management program.

An efficient and secure records management program is comprised of many components that work together. They include a combination of policy, technology, and professional training. The program will be necessary for making sure that your company is compliant with industry standards and requirements for keeping your records secure. Read on to learn more about the components of a records management program.   

Assemble Your Team

Before you can effectively implement your records management program, you should assign specific duties to a team of employees that will work with the program. These people will probably be ones that are already assigned to your current records management system. They will learn the details of the new program and take responsibility for all the auditing duties.  

Develop Strategy

Create a strategy for your program so current and future team members can easily follow and duplicate. Be sure that it meets all accessibility and security requirements set by the industry and your specific company.

Records Retention Policy

Create a records retention policy for your records management program. This is essential for protecting your company and data from potential security breaches like data theft, which could result in penalties. The retention policy will be based on industry standards for the required period of retention and when and how those records should be disposed of. It will depend on the types of records that your company has to manage.

Training Program

All authorized employees should be trained in how the records management program works, the appropriate protocol, and the necessary steps for accessing and handling company records. If it’s necessary that all employees have access to the records, then they should all participate in the training program so that the records are appropriately accessed, stored, and disposed of.   

Additional Tools

The overall efficiency of your records management program will depend on the appropriate implementation of various additional tools. These may include offsite records storage, climate-controlled facilities, and even security personnel.

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