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Comparing a P.O. Box With a Virtual Mailbox

Comparing a P.O. Box With a Virtual Mailbox

Today, we’ll be helping you determine whether your business should use a P.O. box or a virtual mailbox.

All businesses get mail, and there are two main ways that mail can be received. You can get mail delivered to a P.O. box, or you can set up a virtual mailbox and have mail sent there instead. So, which option is better for your business? Today, we’ll be helping you determine whether your business should use a P.O. box or a virtual mailbox.

What is a P.O. Box?

A P.O. box, also known as a post office box, is a storage unit that a business rents out from a post office, as the name implies. The United States Postal Service is responsible for managing these storage units. If your business has a P.O. box, others can send physical letters to it, as each box has its own address.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox is a type of mail-receiving service that makes use of a real street location in order to get mail to the business owner. These mailboxes come with various features. For example, there are digitization features that allow you to look at mail virtually, and you can use forwarding services as well, which allow physical mail to get sent to you.

Which Should Your Business Use?

So, should your business use a P.O. box or a virtual mailbox? A P.O. box may be preferred if you like going in-person to collect your mail, or if you’re in close proximity to your business.

In most other scenarios, we recommend getting a virtual mailbox. It keeps your mail more secure, while allowing you to check your mail in a more convenient manner since you can check it from anywhere. You also benefit from getting a real street address, which helps your business look more professional in the eyes of customers or other businesses.

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