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Documents That Schools Need to Shred

Documents That Schools Need to Shred

Keep reading to learn what documents schools should be shredding.

Schools handle all sorts of sensitive and confidential documents every day. When you have such valuable information in your possession, protecting that information is a top priority. This, in part, means knowing how to properly dispose of these files. One manner of disposing of files is shredding them, but which ones will you be required to shred? Keep reading to learn what documents schools should be shredding.

Student Records

Student records are among the most important documents that educational institutions will need to protect. They have all manners of personal information on all of the students in the school. Such information includes their date of birth, academic performance, address, and social security number.

Abiding by the proper guidelines when disposing of these files is critical. Typically, you shred these documents four years after the student has stopped attending your school, but make sure you stay informed on state regulations, just to be safe.

Staff Data

Schools also have data on their staff members, a lot of that information being similar to the information on the students, as well as other information like date of hiring, email, and performance reviews. Information like this cannot be allowed to be stolen, so whenever an employee is no longer working at your school, it’s imperative that you shred whatever information you have on them.

Hard Drives

Hard drives store all kinds of confidential and valuable information on them, but there will come a time when you need to destroy them in order to prevent them from being breached. Usually, you’ll destroy hard drives when you’re upgrading your institution, the data on your hard drives is outdated, or you simply have no reason to hold onto the information anymore.

It’s not enough to delete or reset old files because small pieces of data will be left over, and this gives hackers the opening they need to gain access to your information. The only way to be completely safe is to have your files professionally shredded.

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