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What To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Document Scanning Company

 Learn what to keep in mind when choosing a document scanning company.

Learn what to keep in mind when choosing a document scanning company.

When you choose to hire a document scanning company, you’re setting your business up for greater success. Moving to a digital document system comes with many advantages including increased office space, greater security, more efficient workflow, and much more. That said, your new digital document system is only as effective as the service that scans it. Not all document scanning companies are created equal; choosing the right one for your business is critical to getting the results you need.

Maintaining Privacy  

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns when scanning documents is the potential for a breach of private and sensitive information. Your staff and clients want to know that their information is safe and secure – choosing a company with high standards of privacy is critical. When looking for the right company, ask what their security policies are and what training they do to be sure that you can trust their staff. Items to consider include; background checks for new staff, compliance certifications, training schedules, insurance coverage, sign-in sheets, video surveillance, and traceable key cards.

What Tech Is Available

Depending on what you hope to do with the documents you are scanning and their size and contents, you may want to invest in a service that offers more state of the art services. Some machines only can scan pages within an 11”-17” size, and if you have information larger than that you may need a specialized service. Additionally, if you want your documents to be searchable by contents or able to engage with and edit once digitized, you will need a more up-to-date service. Likewise, if you have very low maintenance scanning needs and merely need to have information backed up in a non-physical way, a low tech and more economical service may be more effective. As you consider what you need from your document scanning, you can begin to develop a more practical understanding of what you need versus what you will want to pay for.

About Micro Records

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