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How to Prepare Your Documents for a Document Scanning Service

How to Prepare Your Documents for a Document Scanning Service

When deciding to scan your documents, you might wonder how to prepare everything properly.

When deciding to scan your documents, you might wonder how to prepare everything properly. Depending on the condition of your materials, there are several ways to ensure that everything is right and ready to be scanned. Consider these tips when you’re preparing your documents for a document scanning service.

Remove Any Attachments

If your paper documents are in proper order, you might want to put some time into removing items that are stuck to the paper that could interfere with the document scanning service. This includes:

  • Tape
  • Staples
  • Paper clips
  • Or other items

If anything gets stuck and goes through the scanner, it can take away from the quality of the image. Be extremely careful with this, and consider hiring a professional from a document scanning service to help with the process.

Identifying Ripped and Damaged Documents

Damaged documents need special attention and care. So it’s crucial the document scanning service can swiftly identify them. Place these items all aside in their own box, and ensure your document scanning service representatives know their condition.

Receipt Reinforcement

If you plan on having any receipts digitized, you might want to stick them to sheets of regular, white paper for scanning reasons. Receipt paper quickly falls apart, and ink rubs off after being handled more than a few times. By placing the receipt face up on a blank sheet of paper, you’ll ensure the delicate paper is prepared and ready to scanned.

Numerically Ordered

If you’ve got documents that contain multiple pages, make sure that everything is organized in numerical order. This will let items to be scanned in the proper order they’re meant to be read, and it’ll make life easier once they’re digitized. You would also be saving the document scanning service company a lot of trouble by doing this beforehand.

Order of Significance

If you’re working in a field, or for a business that will require the documents you’re scanning on a routine basis, then you must place these documents in order of significance. Materials that you might need within a few days of scanning should be prioritized first, followed by items that are important but aren’t regularly called on. This will ensure both you and your company that you’ll have instant access to the digitized version of the documents as soon as it is available. Any document scanning service can assist you with this task.

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